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Nautathletic Club of Alexandroupolis

The Alexandroupolis Nautical Club (NOA), was founded in 1964 by the passion of a group of people who loved water activities, and felt the obligation to transmit their love for water sports and sports ideals to young people. Always based in the port of the city and as their first sport Sailing they start their activities in the wet track.

A long and difficult struggle has begun.

Nautical races, demonstrations, water festivals and excursions, lectures, trainings, etc. were organized. At the same time, privately owned boats were acquired, new settlers were built. In the meantime, the founding members of NOA had to be active in order to register, in the emerging Group, as many people as possible in order to become a man and to have financial independence. The goal was to grow the club and do exactly what its creators dreamed of, aiming at the development of sailing, which is a difficult and expensive sport.

A little later the Club starts timidly cultivating the sport of water polo . The sports started in the port area, but they increased their height (mainly swimming) after the construction of the swimming pool of our city, and many swimmers with pan-Hellenic victories are recorded in the history of the Group. Swimming with sections of all categories, has a dynamic large presence in the area, performing a social role, to teach the children of our city to swim properly.

Since then and until today, the Alexandroupolis Nautical Club strives to attract as many children as possible in the field of sports and with its active participation in Panhellenic, European, Balkan, World Games. To date, he has not proudly promoted athletes with significant distinctions. In the well-equipped facilities of the Group, the excellent tradition of the right specialized training continues not only in the sport of sailing but also in swimming, water polo, underwater activity , turning every young person’s potential into skills.

With over 450 registered athletes and 300 members, it has for many years expanded its sports activities to most Olympic categories. More specifically in triangle sailing it is present in the following categories: OPTIMIST, 420, 470, FINN, ILCA 4 / 6 / 7.

Our group is a living organism, a sports cell and as a living organism it has constant needs for its development.The big problem that amateurism has has been exacerbated even more after the cuts in the financial support of the state and the poor economic situation of our country. Regardless of this, we must continue our social work which is to attract young people to sports. Of course, NOA is active in organizing events in addition to their purely athletic character with social, entertainment and educational content.

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